Dungeon Drop

Dungeon Drop is a role-playing game that is fun for all ages. In this Android based game, players must select their character and see how far they can make it through the dungeon. Each character has their own unique ability power that can be used throughout the game if the user has enough ability points. The game was built with AndEngine, and the objective of the game is to destroy enemies, and collect coins to use to buy more lives and ability points. This game is compatible to any Android device and uses the devices accelerometer to control the player horizontally as they fall from the top of the screen. My partner and I had never used AndEngine before, so we were faced with a big challenge of trying to learn the engine ourselves and make this game within such a short time frame. However, with lots of extra hours spent learning the engine, our game still turned out to be just the way we wanted it. We have a very good foundation that we can definitely build off of in the future.

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