Pets Plus

Pets Plus is a retail pet's store mobile application, designed to make the pet owner's lives much easier when taking care of their pet. By creating an account within the app, users can customize it to satisfy each pet’s specific needs. Users can buy food, accessories, and make appointments for pet services for each pet individually. The categories vary depending on which pet you select, and the information is customized based on previous purchased history, popularity, price, or recommendations. One time saving feature allows owners to click the bowl in “shop” to purchase more of their pet's food and ship it directly to their house.

This app also uses notifications to make sure users keep up to date with their pet’s hygiene. If desired, the app can send reminders to users letting them know that their pet’s vaccinations are out of date, or that they have an appointment for their pet scheduled that day. With the help of Pets Plus, not only will the stress of taking care of a pet be reduced, but pets will stay healthier and live longer and more enjoyable lives. This project focused only on the design phase, allowing my skills as a UI, UX, graphic, and mobile designer to really blossom.

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