During my internship at Verizon, my role was to help re-create Verizon's corporate website. Verizon wanted to make a more user friendly website that was responsive and more visually appealing to its audience. While working there, my responsibilities included creating the basic structure/layout of the site, loading content for all 80+ pages, and making sure all content was responsive across several different browsers and devices. By using Drupal's content management system, I was quickly able to have a functional site up and running that met all the criteria Verizon was looking for. I worked with 3rd party advertising firms to get images for the content, and then resized and touched them up using Photoshop to be consistent with Verizon's brand. I also worked with the development team, holding weekly meetings to discuss back end development changes that I noticed needed to be made to make sure the website matched the comps that were delivered to us. When I came back the next summer, I tested each page on multiple browsers and devices and came up with solutions and updated the site accordingly to issues I found on its responsiveness and cross browser compatibility. Check out the live site.

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